I got into UC Davis? Mom, Where is UC Davis? When Did I Apply to UC Davis?!?

My name is Brenda Garibay and I am a second year at the University of California, Davis. My current major is biological sciences with an emphasis in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior. I am also trying to pursue a minor in education. Although it seems as if I have planned out my future at UC Davis, my decision to attend UC Davis was unplanned. Applying to UC Davis was a complete accident. While I was applying to colleges my senior year of high school, I decided that I was going to go to a community college instead. Although I was sure that I was going to attend a nearby community college, I still applied to a couple of four- year universities because my  parents had no clue that I decided I wanted to go to a community college. Overall, I didn’t think I would get into any universities so I just applied to them randomly. I applied to UC Santa Barbara because I heard that it was a fun school to attend and that it was a beautiful campus. I applied to UC Irvine because it was close to my hometown. UC Davis, on the other hand, was a complete accident! I thought I applied to UC San Diego, but I mixed the names up.

So, I received an acceptance letter from UC Davis. I had no idea where or what type of school UC Davis was. I received a flyer about Decision Day! That’s when I decided I should go visit this mysterious school. My parents and I drove the 7 hours to Davis. I immediately loved the campus. The atmosphere was open, warm, and comfortable. Walking along the campus, I saw an array of colors moving fast as light along the roads. They were bikes! The campus was just so alive. After the tour, I talked with a College of Biological Sciences adviser. I had no idea what I wanted to major in, and the adviser only made me feel more comfortable that it was okay to not know. Decision day helped me to decide that I wanted to attend UC Davis, even though leaving home was the most difficult decision I have made thus far. I also had the opportunity to attend a summer program called STEP. This program provided about 125 students with a month-long summer program in which the students took preparatory classes, stayed in dorms, and were introduced to all of the available resources on campus. This program made the transition from high school to college a little less stressful. Overall, I didn’t choose the school, but the school chose me.

Brenda Garibay

Second year

Biological Sciences

BASC Peer Advisor


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