So Many Trees! So Many People! Cows?! I Want To Be An Aggie.

WELL, the time has come. It’s time to make decisions; very frightening and exciting decisions. It’s time to choose a college!

Choosing a college was very difficult for me-that is, until I visited the UC Davis campus. Decision Day 2012 was the first time I experienced UC Davis. It was not the first college I  visited, but it was definitely the first college to make me feel at home. After a seven hour drive, waking from a nice nap, groggy and tired, I stepped out of my parents’ car to MY college. Right away I knew I was going to pick UC Davis. I thought I would need to at least get through all of Decision Day, consider my options, and then choose the most beneficial school. No, UC Davis had me as soon as I stepped out of the car . But what was it that made me know I was going to be an Aggie? The beautiful campus and its people.

Now, I did not merely arrive at my college choice based on only its aesthetics. Prior to visiting, I had researched the academic benefits that UC Davis has to offer. While conducting my initial research, UC Davis rapidly became one of my top candidate schools which is why I felt the need to make the seven hour trip from Southern California to check it out. What I experienced during Decision Day was the determining factor in my choice. I was a high school senior in a vast university campus, surrounded by trees and enthusiastic and friendly UC Davis students.  The aura was amazing.

The trees, how friendly everyone was, and the animals on campus were the highlight of my experience. I enjoy nature and I just loved the idea of being surrounded by trees all the time. It was also the first time I saw such colorful trees (we don’t get that in LA). Also, I was pleased to discover that UC Davis students are friendly and welcoming; it was not just a Decision Day act. The last thing I was just absolutely amazed by was the mention of cows on campus!

And not just cows; there are also llamas, horses, ducks, sheep, pigs, goats, turkeys, and I even saw a peacock as my parents and I drove into campus. I’m very glad I attended Decision Day because if I hadn’t, I would have not chosen the perfect college for me. I truly believe that I made the right choice with UC Davis and I hope it is yours as well!


Alejandra Villa
Second year
Biological Sciences
BASC Peer Adviser


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