Why UC Davis?

The Pre-Med Approach

Opportunities. If there is one word to describe UC Davis, this would be it. Consider getting involved with actual student-run clinics. Imagine you are on the forefront of healthcare as you interact with patients, take down their vitals and then observe first-hand the procedures and examinations that a physician administers. Now envision having a wide variety of these clinics each with its specific target population and special programs. Below I’ve listed some of the many clinics you could choose from and their target populations:

  1. Willow Clinic- Homeless Population of Sacramento
  2. Shifa Clinic- Middle Eastern and South Asian Communities
  3. Paul Hom Asian Clinic – Medically Uninsured Asian Population
  4. Imani Clinic – Underserved African American community
  5. Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic – health care for high-risk populations, including “IV drug users, sex workers, and their families”
  6. Many More!! Check this website for more information: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/mdprogram/studentlife/clinics/index.html for more info.

Give back to the community while gaining first-hand clinical experience with any of these clinics.

Want to intern at UC Davis’ state-of-the-art medical facility? Be placed in the center of an emergency room or watch an intricate surgery! UC Davis ensures its undergraduates receive the experience they need to assess whether medicine is the right field for them.

The Researcher Approach

Want some research experience? UC Davis prides itself as being one of the top public research facilities in the nation. Do you want to conduct research in a microbiology lab, a neurobiology physiology and behavior lab, or even a biochemistry lab? What about plant Biology or pharmaceutical chemistry? UC Davis faculty are very open to taking on undergraduates in their lab. Feel like you need more medical based research? You could also participate in Immunology labs or cancer labs with UC Davis Medical Center faculty! You’ll be conducting PCRs, Western Blots, Immunohistochemistry, DNA Extractions and much more! Opportunities for clinical experience and research experience during your undergraduate years are endless!

Additionally, these research experiences will help students understand if they want to go into graduate school or industry.

Ok so what about the classes?

After having gone to UC Davis for over 2 and a half years, I can definitely say that taking classes here is fun! If you’re in General Chemistry, don’t be surprised if the professor does a demonstration with Nitrogen and Oxygen in which there is a LOUD explosion with fire too! Taking the introductory biology courses will already immerse you in the material you will study. During the labs, you will be able to observe, touch and feel sting rays, worms, spiders, and much more! Imagine being in your Organic Chemistry lab actually creating a tablet of Acetaminophen (Tylenol). The hands-on experiences are endless with the many laboratories in all fields of studies.

We even have classes that you wouldn’t believe are classes. Want to take a course on tractor driving, beer and brewery, global poverty, or coffee? There are great courses that Count for your general education requirement while fulfilling your interests outside of your major!

But what about outside of clinic, research and classes?

Want something more? Imagine being on a campus surrounded by nature. The vast arboretum is a few minutes’ walk. You can go there to relax during the day or star gaze at night. When you’re not so much in the mood to relax, you can go to the many events we have on campus. Be part of a crowd cheering for an NCAA Division I school or part of a hundred thousand visitors during our Annual Picnic Day Festival. Join clubs or even be a part of the ASUCD (Associated Students University of California, Davis). Why not study abroad for a quarter or two to Europe or Asia while working on your degree requirements? I chose UC Davis because of the limitless opportunities.

Mo Siddiqui
Peer Adviser, Biology Academic Success Center
B.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Class of 2015


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