Decision Day: UC Davis

As my undergraduate career comes to an end here at UC Davis, it’s surprising to look back into the days of my youth and remember that UC Davis was not my first choice. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the University as soon as I explored the town, and as cheesy as it sounds, I have come to call the city of Davis my home. Decision Day 2016  at UCD will bring many prospective students, and I think this is good as time as any to reflect on all the aspects of UC Davis that I love…starting from the beginning of my journey.


The Acceptance Letter:

Around mid March, my high school was abuzz with excitement, as UC college acceptances had come out. I had my sights set on a specific program at another university, but unfortunately I didn’t make the cut. I became totally adrift–listless if you will, because I hadn’t really thought of a back up plan. Thus, I started exploring other schools, but not UC Davis… Notorious as a agricultural school, UC Davis didn’t seem right for me.

The Visit

Davis Downtown

Begrudgingly, I agreed to visit UC Davis with my best friend (who now also attends UC Davis), and I have to admit, I really didn’t have many high hopes for the University. However, when I arrived at the Mondavi Center, I just thought everything looked so peaceful and beautiful and modern. Visiting Davis was honestly one of the main reasons why I decided on Davis as my college of choice. I grew up in a small town in South Bay, and UC Davis had a small community feel that reminded me of home–I loved it. Downtown especially won me over, because it  was so lively and fun. There were a variety of restaurants, lots of students and families, and the best part:it was located 5 minutes away from campus. Not to mention, I learned that UC Davis excelled in multiple areas of study: science, math, and engineering to name a few. Interested in studying Biology, I knew I would be learning from top notch researchers, and I regretted assuming UC Davis was just an agricultural school. Overall I got such a positive, welcoming vibe from UC Davis that I decided not to rule the University out.

The Decision

Back at home, I had a lot of pressure from my family to make a final decision. When I look back, I laugh at how indecisive I was, but at the time, college was a big deal! UC Davis ultimately offered something I couldn’t refuse: community living. I was guaranteed a themed residence hall with just 100 students at UC Davis. The residence hall also guaranteed that I would be taking classes and participating in fun activities with my dorm mates. I could just picture it: 100 new friends living together, studying together, and experiencing UC Davis together. I was sold.

Mooove In Week

Meeting the University Cows

So all the phony cheesy stuff that I expected to happen…it actually did happen! When I moved into the dorms, I immediately felt right at home. On our first night, we played a giant game of Mafia, and I knew I had made the right decision in choosing UC Davis. The following days I spent visiting the cows near Tercero, enjoying brunch at the dining commons, and lounging outside in the grass. It may sound like I’m making large exaggerations, but I seriously fell in love with UC Davis the moment I arrived!

Why Davis Has So Much To Offer

Visiting the Davis Farmer’s Market


I know many students may have a “see it to believe it” attitude, which is why I strongly encourage you to tour UC Davis both as a prospective student AND as a tourist. UC Davis is not only one of the leading Universities in Biological Sciences, but it’s also a great location to get away, have fun, and relax! Here are just a few of my favorite UC Davis related activities:


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