21 Things to Do Over 21 Days of Winter Break

As college students, we spend most of our quarter maintaining a delicate balance of work hard, play hard. As tempting as it is to become a couch potato over Winter Break, there are still plenty of important things to do. Here are 21 things to make the best of your winter vacation.

1. Apply for scholarships and internships.

This doesn’t have to consume your entire break! Spend a couple hours applying various scholarships and internships. All you need is one yes!

2. Exercise

You don’t have to wait until Jan 1st to hit the gym. Keep your body happy and healthy to stay in top condition as you feast during those holiday meals. It’ll help you look, feel, and perform better.

3. Host a holiday get together

Gather a group of your oldest friends and talk the night away. Play some fun games and reminisce old times while celebrating where everyone’s paths have led them.

4. Update your resume/cover letter

Add anything new that you’ve become involved with, and spice up what you currently have. It’s always good to have a fresh resume ready for whenever an opportunity arises.

5. Catch up on Reading

When was the last time that you read something for leisure? Probably years ago! Cozy up with a book of your interest during one of those rainy afternoons.

6. Purge Your Closet

Take time to clean out your closet and donate old clothes to those in need. Some good places to donate to are local shelters, crisis centers, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army.

7. Cook a meal for your family

You’ve somehow survived at least one quarter without food from home. Show your family what master chef skills you’ve acquired from having to feed yourself.

8. Volunteer

The holidays are a good time to give back to your community and help those in need. Volunteer at a local shelter, soup kitchen, or parade to spread the holiday spirit.

9. Go shopping for Loved Ones

It’s sales galore during the holidays! Find a perfect gift for your friends and family and revel in that look of joy when you get them what they’ve been wanting.

10. Do a DIY project

Whether or not you’re creative, try a fun DIY by yourself or with some friends. You never know what you might create!

11. Travel

Traveling abroad can be a life changing, noteworthy experience. This doesn’t have to be very expensive or require a plane ticket; road trips are just as exciting!

12. Play in the snow

It only snows during winter, so make the best of it while it lasts. Be sure to bundle up before building a snowman, creating snow angels, or starting a snowball fight.

13. Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a wintertime classic. Even if you don’t know how to ice skate, grab a pair of skates and a buddy to enjoy this activity together!

14. Visit a theme park

Go to a nearby theme park for old time’s sake. Be a kid again!

15. Jam out to some holiday tunes

What’s more fun than singing your heart out with the ones you’re most comfortable with? Rock out to your favorite holiday album, or my personal favorite, Michael Bub.

16. Baking cookies

What warms the soul more than freshly baked cookies? Bring the household together to bask in the smell of deliciousness sweetness.

17. Watch a movie or show

There are a variety of movies that come out during the holiday season – action, comedy, suspense. If you prefer your home screen over the big screen, snuggle up and find your new favorite show on Netflix.

18 .Do some self reflection

Look back on what worked for you and what didn’t to make sure the next quarter is as strong as it can be! It can only get better from here.

19. Shadow

Although there  might not be enough time to commit to a full fledged internship, now’s a good time to catch a glimpse at what your future career field may be. Regardless of if you know where you want to go, this is a valuable experience.

20. Make some money

Plenty of stores look for temporary help around the holiday season. Keep an eye out for businesses needing short term help or neighbors looking for odd jobs to be done.

21. Get some well deserved rest 🙂

You don’t get too much time to just take a step back and relax, so turn off those alarms and recover. Pamper yourself!

Christina Duong
BASC Peer Advisor
Third Year: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major w/Spanish minor


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