Want to Change into a CBS Major?

Welcome back to the new school year Aggies! Hope fall quarter is treating you well so far. Being a peer advisor, I help students work towards their goals by answering major-related questions, such as quarterly schedules and major requirements. Since the beginning of the quarter, I often get questions from drop-in students about changing majors. This year, things have changed up a bit in College of Biological Sciences. Before, each major has its own requirements, but now, the major changing requirements for all College of Biological Sciences majors are the same. The requirements are now more simple and straightforward.

UC Davis College of Biological Sciences (CBS) currently has nine majors, in alphabetical order: (1) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (2) Biological Sciences, (3) Cell Biology, (4) Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity, (5) Genetics and Genomics, (6) Marine and Coastal Sciences, (7) Microbiology, (8) Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, and (9) Plant Biology. In addition, first-Year students can be admitted as Undeclared Life-Sciences, and they will have to officially declare a major before completing 90 UC units.

Here are the steps if you want to change into a CBS major from a different college, or from another CBS major:
1. Meet with your current major advisor and your intended major advisor to discuss your plans. This is very important because you need to complete the intended major within 225 UC units, and thus you may want to make academic plans and take classes for the intended major.
2. Be in good academic standing and meet minimum progress requirements.
3. Have at least a 2.00 UC Cumulative GPA, which means that you can only change your major after completing your first quarter at UC Davis.
4. Have at least a 2.00 Overall Major GPA in the intended major (and a 2.00 Depth-Subject Matter GPA in upper-division major coursework if applicable).

After you complete the steps above, you can submit the Change of Major Form through OASIS. The form will be reviewed by advisors from you current and intended major.

change of major

Schedule an appointment with a BASC major advisor if you have any questions related to the majors and/or the major changing procedure!

Linya Hu
BASC Peer Advisor
4th year, Genetics & Genomics Major


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