My Favorite Things To Do in Davis

Davis is a wonderful place to attend school  because of  its atmosphere and scenery. The city of Davis is the definition of a college town because many businesses and events are geared toward the students of UC Davis. In my experience, I find it easy to focus on my studies because of the quiet atmosphere. The city of Davis is filled with coffee shops and places that are filled with students working hard on their studies. This environment allows UC Davis students to keep working hard.  But when I am not hitting the books or need a refresher from my organic chemistry reactions, I head to some of my favorite spots in Davis to unwind.

farmers market

Davis Farmers Market: I try to attend the Farmers Market as much as I can. The farmers market is located at Central Park in Downtown Davis  on Saturdays: 8am-1pm, year-round, rain or shine! There is also a special farmers market Fall and Spring quarter located at the Silo on Wednesdays 11am-1:30pm. Beginning March 18th, the community of Davis puts on an event called “Picnic in the Park.” This event is on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Picnic in the Park has an array of musicians and bands that perform along the typical Farmers Market.   I enjoy attending the Farmers Market because of its fun atmosphere and delicious treats. There are plenty of free samples of fresh fruits and vegetables, but my favorite thing to sample and buy is what I like to call  juicy, crisp apples in bottle. This apple juice is so delicious and refreshing. I also like getting a pastry to enjoy with the apple juice. While I am munching on a cookie I like to talk with friends while I enjoy the wonderful music of the Farmers Market band. I really want to encourage everyone to attend at least once… I promise you will go back !! For more information please visit the Farmer’s market main page.

Downtown Davis:  Exploring Downtown Davis with a group of friends is always a great time. Downtown Davis is filled with delicious food and activities. Some of my favorite places to eat are Uncle Vito’s and El Burrito. I can eat Thai fries from Uncle Vito’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner any day! After I have some delicious food from downtown, I usually head to the theaters located in Davis to relax and enjoy a new released movie. There are three theaters located in Davis; Regal Cinema Davis on F street, regal cinema Davis on G street, and the varsity theater on 2nd street.   But if you are searching for a place to get some school work done my favorite place is  Mishka’s Café. They have a great relaxing atmosphere and some amazing coffee! Downtown Davis also has array of gift shops and art galleries. An art gallery that I have visited multiple times is the John Natsoulas Art Gallery. The gallery is only open a few times a week, but when they are open they usually have a band and appetizers. These are only a few of my favorite spots, but Downtown Davis has many activities and restaurants to check out. Visit Downtown’s homepage to get maps, reviews, and a calendar of events.

Site Seeing: There are a couple of sites I think you should check out!

The arboretum on the UC Davis campus is stunning. It is a great place to take a run or walk to clear your mind. I usually head there when I want to get away from the campus for a bit and rest. I have studied, ran, and napped along the trails of the arboretum. The trails are filled with a variety of plant collections. The stream usually houses ducklings and turtles that are always a joy to watch. I would go check out it out! If you would like a map or more information about the UC Davis arboretum visit

Lake Spafford at the UC Davis Arboretum


Stevenson Bridge is quite a site ! If you take Russell Blvd westward, you will reach County Road 95A. Make a left on County Road 95A and you will find this bizarre bridge filled with graffiti. Not only is the bridge a unique site but so is the ride down Russell. When I went to check out this bridge I biked with a friend which I highly recommend doing since the bike ride over there is half the fun!

Stevenson Bridge


Those have been some of my favorite places to see, and I am sure there is more! So get to know the Davis community and all it has to offer.

Brenda Garibay

3rd year Biological Sciences Major

Biology Academic Success Center Peer Adviser



A Short (but sweet) Davis Checklist

Whether you are graduating this coming June or in a few years, take advantage of all of what Davis has to offer as SOON and as MUCH as possible! You may not be a farmer at heart, but you do attend a university known for agriculture and an abundance of cows. So, before you graduate, immerse yourself in this culture! One way to do so is to take an agriculture or food production course. A few examples of these courses include ABT 49 (Field Equipment Operation a.k.a. Tractor Driving), PLS 5 (Plants for Garden, Orchard, and Landscape a.k.a. gardening), or ECM 1 (Design of Coffee – a BRAND NEW class my fellow peer adviser, Joan, recommends). Outside of academics, you can experience Davis traditional culture by partaking in on-campus Picnic Day festivities such as the famous cow milking contest. There’s no doubt you will leave with an awesome picture and story to tell.

coffee class
Joan (on the right), a BASC peer adviser, enjoying fresh brewed coffee in ECM 1.

Going to college in an agricultural area brings awesome benefits and one of them is having a plethora of fresh and delicious FOOD! Most people have visited the charming Davis Farmer’s Market. There are so many choices for food, but I urge you to try my favorite Farmer’s market meal: A “Fat Face” breakfast sandwich (my favorite is the bacon and aged cheddar) and some frozen fresh apple juice. You will not be disappointed.

Due the abundance of farmland, it makes sense that Davis is as flat as a pancake. For biking, this is awesome. For hiking, this can be an issue. However, believe it or not, there are beautiful hiking trails not too far away. On a cool spring or fall day, find time to explore the UC Davis Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve (a.k.a. Lake Berryessa). If you follow the Blue Ridge Loop Trail (5 miles/moderate intensity), you will find expansive views of green mountains and the turquoise waters of Lake Berryessa. Plus, the trail has many hills and makes for an awesome workout.

My roommates and I hiking the Blue Ridge Loop trail with Lake Berryessa in the background.

While enjoying Davis festivities separate from your coursework is a must before you graduate, it’s important to realize why you are here in the first place: to gain knowledge and prepare yourself for future success! Without a doubt, you would not be able to achieve this without the help of UC Davis professors and teaching assistants. In large classes, we often forget that professors are people like us. I urge you to reach out to a professor or TA that made an impact on your time here at UC Davis. You may wish to send an email, visit their office hours, or invite them to coffee or lunch. Ask them for advice, thank them for their knowledge, and let them know they had an influence on your undergraduate experience and future goals. You will make their day!

I am a current senior and will be graduating this June. I have completed all the activities I have described in this blog, and hope that you can do the same. If you find that some of the activities listed do not fit your personality or schedule, that’s okay! You can make your own checklist that fits you.

Jennifer Hofmann


Exercise Biology

BASC Peer Adviser