Getting Enough Fresh Air During Winter Quarter

A new quarter is now upon us! I usually picture Winter quarter as full of rain, cold wind, and long days spent indoors. In Davis however, this is not always the case. It is not uncommon for many weekends in February and March to be warm and sunny, enticing many of us to begin spending more time outside. There are many notable benefits to spending time in the outdoors. These benefits include helping you relax by decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, cleaning your lungs, and even increasing your energy for a sharper mind. Here are some of my favorite activities to ensure I am getting enough fresh air:

Outdoor Time Makes You a Better Person

1. Bike

This is easy to do in a place like Davis. There are so many biking trails and most roads have a big enough bike lane in order to bike in safely. This makes it easy to bike from place to place to run errands, giving us a great opportunity to breathe in fresh air and increase blood flow without having to go out of our way. Although it may be cold during the winter, don’t be afraid to bike! Just grab some gloves or a beanie and you’ll be be able to keep warm while biking.

2. Study outside

This can be as simple as choosing a table outside rather than inside at the MU or Silo. I also like to bring my books to campus on weekends and sit at the tables outside the Student Community Center to study. The campus, as well as downtown Davis, have so many opportunities to choose outdoor seating when the weather permits. This is a great way to get some studying in and be surrounded by a peaceful setting at the same time. If the sun is out, studying outside can also increase your Vitamin D levels. Increasing Vitamin D levels is important because your body must have Vitamin D to absorb calcium and support bone growth.

3. Exercise

As we all know, exercising has tons of great benefits. If many of you are like me, your New Years resolution includes exercising more! Reading about the benefits of exercise may motivate you to fulfill your resolution and exercise more. The Student Health and Counseling Services describes the benefits of exercise in detail.  Exercising at the ARC is one of the most popular ways students get in their daily work out, so if it’s too cold to be outside I would recommend taking a run on the track or even signing up for some group classes, which can be done through their website.

4.  Play a sport

Playing basketball at Dairy courts is one of my favorite ways to relax. During winter quarter it’s a great option because it is usually less crowded than the basketball courts at the ARC. The court lights stay on late, usually 1am, so if you want to get out for a quick breath of fresh air you have the option of doing so late at night. Hutchison field, located right next to Dairy courts, is a great spot to kick around a soccer ball, play flag football, and/or baseball. If it’s warm enough, I sometimes like to just lay on the grass and stare at the clouds. Going out to either of these facilities always makes me feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the books!

5. Explore the Outdoors

The Arboretum is a great place to immerse yourself in nature. Located right on campus, it’s easy to take a break between classes and take a walk or run. There are a couple different areas of the Arboretum with different groves and trails, and they are all detailed on the new campus map, under “Places of Interest.” where you can I often go to the arboretum to read the plaques about the different types of trees and flowers, it’s relaxing and keeps me knowledgeable on our California native plants!

If you have good time management skills, the UC Davis Outdoor Adventures program has some great weekend events planned this quarter to help bring out the adventurer in you! Since Davis is so close to many great parks and recreational facilities these adventures are great for exploring. For example, the program offers an Intro to Cross Country Skiing trip to Tahoe, a Tomales Bay Tour in Pt. Reyes, and Yosemite Car Camping.

Remember that your first priority is school, but making sure you get some time outdoors this Winter Quarter will be very beneficial to your health!

Have fun!

Zoe Lim

Biological Sciences

BASC Peer Adviser






My Favorite Things To Do in Davis

Davis is a wonderful place to attend school  because of  its atmosphere and scenery. The city of Davis is the definition of a college town because many businesses and events are geared toward the students of UC Davis. In my experience, I find it easy to focus on my studies because of the quiet atmosphere. The city of Davis is filled with coffee shops and places that are filled with students working hard on their studies. This environment allows UC Davis students to keep working hard.  But when I am not hitting the books or need a refresher from my organic chemistry reactions, I head to some of my favorite spots in Davis to unwind.

farmers market

Davis Farmers Market: I try to attend the Farmers Market as much as I can. The farmers market is located at Central Park in Downtown Davis  on Saturdays: 8am-1pm, year-round, rain or shine! There is also a special farmers market Fall and Spring quarter located at the Silo on Wednesdays 11am-1:30pm. Beginning March 18th, the community of Davis puts on an event called “Picnic in the Park.” This event is on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Picnic in the Park has an array of musicians and bands that perform along the typical Farmers Market.   I enjoy attending the Farmers Market because of its fun atmosphere and delicious treats. There are plenty of free samples of fresh fruits and vegetables, but my favorite thing to sample and buy is what I like to call  juicy, crisp apples in bottle. This apple juice is so delicious and refreshing. I also like getting a pastry to enjoy with the apple juice. While I am munching on a cookie I like to talk with friends while I enjoy the wonderful music of the Farmers Market band. I really want to encourage everyone to attend at least once… I promise you will go back !! For more information please visit the Farmer’s market main page.

Downtown Davis:  Exploring Downtown Davis with a group of friends is always a great time. Downtown Davis is filled with delicious food and activities. Some of my favorite places to eat are Uncle Vito’s and El Burrito. I can eat Thai fries from Uncle Vito’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner any day! After I have some delicious food from downtown, I usually head to the theaters located in Davis to relax and enjoy a new released movie. There are three theaters located in Davis; Regal Cinema Davis on F street, regal cinema Davis on G street, and the varsity theater on 2nd street.   But if you are searching for a place to get some school work done my favorite place is  Mishka’s Café. They have a great relaxing atmosphere and some amazing coffee! Downtown Davis also has array of gift shops and art galleries. An art gallery that I have visited multiple times is the John Natsoulas Art Gallery. The gallery is only open a few times a week, but when they are open they usually have a band and appetizers. These are only a few of my favorite spots, but Downtown Davis has many activities and restaurants to check out. Visit Downtown’s homepage to get maps, reviews, and a calendar of events.

Site Seeing: There are a couple of sites I think you should check out!

The arboretum on the UC Davis campus is stunning. It is a great place to take a run or walk to clear your mind. I usually head there when I want to get away from the campus for a bit and rest. I have studied, ran, and napped along the trails of the arboretum. The trails are filled with a variety of plant collections. The stream usually houses ducklings and turtles that are always a joy to watch. I would go check out it out! If you would like a map or more information about the UC Davis arboretum visit

Lake Spafford at the UC Davis Arboretum


Stevenson Bridge is quite a site ! If you take Russell Blvd westward, you will reach County Road 95A. Make a left on County Road 95A and you will find this bizarre bridge filled with graffiti. Not only is the bridge a unique site but so is the ride down Russell. When I went to check out this bridge I biked with a friend which I highly recommend doing since the bike ride over there is half the fun!

Stevenson Bridge


Those have been some of my favorite places to see, and I am sure there is more! So get to know the Davis community and all it has to offer.

Brenda Garibay

3rd year Biological Sciences Major

Biology Academic Success Center Peer Adviser


Study Havens

Have a loud roommate? Can’t seem to stay awake studying in your overly comfortable bed? You might find the solution below!


Silence is Golden

When you study for that big O. Chem, NPB, or Bio test you want to make sure you can concentrate! One way to get a silent study area is to take a walk down to Shields Library. There are a variety of options for all your study needs. If you’re looking for a secluded area where you can cram for your big midterm or final, why not take an adventure to the fourth floor of the library? Walk through the maze of book shelves and find yourself next to a nice desk conveniently located next to an outlet. Feeling a little more adventurous? You may consider taking advantage of the locked study rooms in the library. It can be a retreat from any distractions. Also, you can leave your stuff locked in so that you can go take a quick break outside or find a book!

A Study Atmosphere

Shields not only caters to those that wish to not be disturbed. Some students find it helpful to be in an upbeat environment filled with other students studying all around them. Some like the motivation! For this, you can go to the second floor of Shields Library and enjoy a few hours at the Reading Room. This place is definitely one of my favorites and perhaps it’s because it reminds me of Hogwarts. With an abundance of outlets and ambient lighting, this place will definitely help you on your quest for the A! The downside of the Reading Room is that it can get quite packed especially during midterm or finals week. To fulfill your thirst for studying, Shields also has a nice area on the first floor right when you enter through the door. There are several desks in front of you and an entire room filled with desks on the left. Many tutors use this area because it is a talk-friendly environment. So if you’re trying to have more of a collaborative study session this may be the place for you.

Campus Hotspots

Sometimes places get old; you get bored and at that point you have no desire to study. Why not spice it up with some of these great study spots? The Student Community Center (SCC) has a nice computer lab in addition to the abundance of desks downstairs and upstairs. Need some fresh air, SCC has you covered with its second-floor terrace and tables out in front by the coffee shop. The Memorial Union is frequently sought out as a study location as well because of its proximity to caffeine, pizza, and the abundance of other food items. The tables here get filled fast but waiting around for 5 minutes or so may be worth grabbing a seat next to the food and drinks if you get hungry when you study. The MU offers a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the crowds of students rushing to get coffee too. The Griffith Lounge on the first floor, and the Art Lounge on the second floor both offer a quiet and peaceful study area as well. During Finals week, you can even study at the Mondavi Center! Did I mention they offer free coffee and play classical music too?

Caffeine Rush

Need a place to study next to a spot where you can get refills on your coffee? Starbucks, Peet’s, and Panera Bread all offer this excellent and economical solution for your study needs. The WiFi and ambience also make them great study spots. If you’re looking for something more than just regular coffee places, there are a few other cafés that serve great coffee and provide a comfortable atmosphere for studying. Mishka’s is definitely a favorite of many but can get quite busy. On the other hand, Delta of Venus and Barista Brew are not as busy and offer excellent coffee as well. If you are just looking for a quick coffee and not a study spot, I’d recommend Dutch Bros as they will definitely quench your thirst for caffeine. Don’t forget to grab a stamp card on your way through the drive thru!

One With Nature

Arboretum. When the weather is great, there is no better choice than the Arboretum. It is a peaceful place to study and it is huge. You can always find a nice patch of grass you can read in. Whenever you need a stretch break, you can take a stroll and sit on the dock by the lake. If the view is too pretty and distracting, then maybe you can visit the Quad. Centered between the Coffee House and the Library, the Quad offers a great study place with backups in case it gets too chilly or you get too hungry!

There are such a great variety of study spots to suit your needs Don’t stay in your room. Explore to make studying a little bit more fun!

Mo Siddiqui
Peer Adviser, Biology Academic Success Center
B.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Class of 2015