Finals Are Coming, Man Your Stations!

The inevitable is finally approaching, the roadblock between you and summer vacation is right in front of you and it is time to face it with full force. Although finals may seem like a horrible experience, approaching them wisely may help ease it a bit. Here are a few tips to make finals week more manageable:

  • KEEP CALM: I know, it’s hard to keep calm when you are about to take a test that will determine your grade in a class, but it is important to keep composure. Finals are stressing and they can be intimidating, but much worse than the final itself is stress. If you are too stressed out about your finals it can inhibit your ability to focus when studying or when taking the exam- ¬†resulting in a lower score. I can testify to this from experience. When I was a freshman, I had very bad test anxiety;¬† I would allow my stress to take over and as a result I would do poorly on my exams. The constant thought that the test was going to be hard and my fear of failing caused me to do poorly. I saw a change in my performance once I began to think positively about myself. Assuring yourself that you have what it takes to do well on an exam plays a big role in your performance. Stay positive, keep calm, and as long as you’ve done your best to prepare for the exam you will be positive you have done all you can do to prepare.

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